sábado, 16 de junio de 2012


Today is a very special day and I'll tell you why: my loved friend Lydia Crawshaw will be giving her debut in Melbourne (Australia) and I can't help feeling incredibly proud or her. I met Lydia when we both worked for Marni and I used to love seeing her in our lunch break always with the hear phones on composing her music or maybe just trying to scape from everything or everyone ;)
Seeing her going back to Australia was very sad but that's artist's life, a long and hard way of uncertainty and illusions. Lydia is not only a talented composer and singer but a very hard worker and that's why I truly believe in her. I used to give her my humble opinion about her music, we enjoyed it so much with a pint of Kronembourg in a random pub in East London.
I recommend you all to visit her website and listen to her beautiful songs so we can all support the born star is beginning to shine to call the whole things off...
Good luck Bitch ;)
So much love, Daniel

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  1. ehhhhhhh, ¿hola,la traduccion??? ...

    1. Hahahaha, mi amiga Lydia daba un conciertillo en un local en Melbourne con el disco que ha compuesto ella ;)