domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011


Chistine Lee is not only an amazing designer or a wonderful artist… the most important thing... she is MY FRIEND. I feel so lucky, so fortunate to have her in my life.
I met Christine when we both were interning at Marios Schawb last year in London. We worked sooooo hard in that collection and we had so much fun too ;)
I admire Christine a lot: her wonderful work, her art and designs... and the most I admire is her courage, her constancy and the extremely hard worker she is.
She is only 23 and she has already worked for Calvin Klein, Marios Schawb and now ADAM!!!
Born in Memphis (Tennessee, where artist as Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash lived or Aretha Franklin was born), her mother dreamed of being a dancer and her father is a professor, Christine moved to study in the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where she was in the propper artistic environment, meeting amazing people (artist too) as Alina Vadera.
When she finished her studies and after having a sort and productive period in London, Christine moved to New York to be part of the Calvin Klein designing team!!!
Currently she is working at ADMAM, enriching up her experience, her vision and her soul.
I strongly believe in Christine and her infinite charm. I´m very sure she is gonna get her dreams, she just need to keep working and BELIEVING.
I´m so PROUD of you Christine, I admire you and I´m so happy of meeting you, can´t wait to see you again!! And remember that... I´m so very flattered!!!
So much love, Daniel


I heart Christene

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